Programming Abstractions
Instructor: Zelenski, Julie

  Photo Time Note
00:00:555Algorithm Analysis
00:08:05Evaluating The Performance
00:09:54Analysis Of Codes : Statement Counts
00:11:35Another Example (Statement Count Contd.)
00:16:12Comparing Algorithms
00:18:01Big-O Notation
00:23:32Big-O To Predict The Time Of Execution
00:24:26Best/Worst/Average Case
00:28:28Analysis Of Recursive Algorithms
00:34:13Another Example : Towers Of Hanoi
00:41:02A Tabulation For Different Algorithms
00:43:45Growth Patterns (Tabulation Contd.)
00:44:30Application Of Algorithm Analysis To Sorting
00:46:04Selection Sort
00:47:50Selection Sort Code