What is Stanford Engineering Everywhere?

Stanford Engineering Everywhere is an online portal offering ten courses from Stanford’s School of Engineering— including the three-course introductory sequence in Computer Science— free of charge.

SEE offers course content available to Stanford students including instructional videos, reading lists and materials and class assignments. And SEE allows you to communicate with fellow SEE students online.

SEE encourages fellow educators to use Stanford course materials in their own classrooms.

Note: SEE courses cannot be taken for credit and do not include access to Stanford-restricted computers, libraries, or services. Content may not include all the material used in the campus offering and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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How Do I Use Stanford Engineering Everywhere?

SEE users may pick and choose the materials that best meet their needs and interests. Want a refresher course on a particular programming concept? View a video lecture that covers the basics. Are you a programming novice? Spend several weeks viewing lectures, reading course materials and tackling class assignments. Test your knowledge by taking quizzes and exams.

For Students:

You can have all or some of Stanford’s world-class educational experience at your convenience. And best of all, it’s free. SEE courses include the same video lectures, assignments, exams and solution sets (where appropriate) used by Stanford students.

You can also select only those materials that meet your educational needs. You may download only course notes or the complete set of lecture videos. SEE offers courses in three of its most popular disciplines: Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Computer Science, and Linear Systems and Optimization.

For Educators:

Educators around the world can use material from popular Stanford courses in their own classrooms. Whether it is a handout or a full set of course materials, SEE materials are available to educators free of charge under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License ( SEE allows educators worldwide to use and tailor course materials to meet the needs of their own students.

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