Instructor: Boyd, Stephen

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This page contains links to various interesting and useful sites that relate in some way to convex optimization. It goes without saying that you’ll be periodically checking things using google and wikipedia. The wikipedia entry on convex optimization (and related topics) could be improved or extended.
1. Stephen Boyd’s research page. There’s a lot of material there, and you don’t have to know every detail in every paper, but you should certainly take an hour or more to browse through these papers.
2. EE364a web page. We expect you to know what’s in these pages.
3. The Convex Optimization book. You’re expected to know pretty well the material in this book. Unless you have a really good memory, you should be browsing through this.
4. Lieven Vandenberghe’s ee236a and ee236b course pages.
5. Athena Scientific books on optimization. You can also check the MIT courses that use some of these books.
6. CVX. Be sure to check out the every extensive library of examples. (Indeed, feel free to add to it.)
7. CVXOPT, which also includes an extensive library of examples, and CVXMOD
8. YALMIP, a Matlab toolbox for optimization modeling.
9. SOSTOOLS, a toolbox for formulating and solving sums of squares (SOS) optimization problems.

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